"The only way to see it - is to know it."


These unique chrome speakers are built from brass, shaped into accurate pieces using hand press technique. The pieces are assembled into unique and efficient acoustic chambers, well damped with a special kind of tar, which absorbs unwanted metal resonances providing a precise and natural sound.
The parts are hand welded and treated while the back chambers are coated with Chrome nickel. The other parts are coated with heavy duty epoxy paint, providing a high standard stiff finish.
The stand is produced the same way using Lead to lower its weight center point, standing on hand chiseled Chrome nickel plated cones.

Height: 96 cm high
Weight: 8.5kg (including stand)
Power handling: 120w r.m.s
Efficiency: 92 db/1w/1m
Frequency response: between 70-20,000hz + 3db