When I started my way in this area, the most thrilling technology was the invention of the CD. At that time I was a teenager eager for a stereo system. Using my dull budget, good pair of hands, a few tools and a speaker cook book, I build my first pair of speakers. I fell in love in this field ever since...

a few years later, starting my way in life, I became a hi-end  home cinema custom installer (when this fashion begun) in one of the leading companies in Israel. coming along I managed and executed projects, integrating home automation gear – while these were very basic and simple, just at their beginning in the home sector.

As the years passed, I planned and managed “gourmet” projects in Israel and around the world for luxury homes and mega yachts as a subcontractor for a few leading companies. These projects included A/V systems, automation, media distribution, home cinema's etc. quite big systems.
Doing this I experienced a big variety of technologies and products, learning their advantages as well as their weaknesses, which one's are user friendly, reliable, solid, faulty, and what is the correct way to combine them together.

These days, we are aware of a big technology revolution, where we are offered endless products, solutions, technologies and uses, such as central multimedia devices, security systems, ip phone systems, door entry systems, ethernet, A/V and automation systems which control and combines them all in to one system, controlled through a tablet or smart phone user interface.

Using my experience, I learned how to choose these systems, plan and merge them into a simple and reliable user friendly system matching specific costumers needs and desires.
My “field” experience and knowledge in electronics and the mentioned above systems, provide me the ability to consult and manage very big project which demand detailed planing, coordination between contractors, custom made solutions and fine results.
At the end of the process I deliver the project once all of the details are solved and the system is solid and working just as planned and asked for by the owner and his family. and right on schedule.

Today, as part of my doing in this field, I provide home technology consulting and project manager services.


                                                                                                   Gilad Lavy