Around 1992, my fetish for speaker building started. As most of the teenagers, I was in need for a music system in my room, desiring more than the popular double cassette.
So, with a very modest budget, I bought a simple receiver and a beginners speaker building book, combined with the knowledge in electronics which i gained at school, plus the experience I had working with wood (since the age of 12), I built my first pair of speakers.
After hours of listening to them, playing lots of Pink floyd, Dire straits and other great one's, I became hungrier for better sounding speakers – more precise and exiting. Soon enough I sold these speakers, and with some money earned, I bought better components to build my second pair.
And so on it happened I developed, investigated, learned and grew into this world of acoustics and speaker design, producing more and more speakers for people around me and myself.
In the year 2000, while working as a hi-end home cinema installer, I heard endless complaints by wife's (usually) regarding the speakers which have ruined their house esthetics and harmony...
and in a moment of vision, I thought of turning speakers into designed and art pieces.
And then, in the age of 24, I found myself exploring the country, looking for various artist which can collaborate with me to fulfill my vision. I started my way knowing my hands definitely do as I say but I never thought there is an artist hiding in me. 5 years later I was sculpturing an idol out of 120 Kg of clay and turning it into a unique bronze speaker-idol.
This was definitely one of the most fascinating and fulfilling growing process i experienced, learning about my-self, about life and about the power of a dream.

Today, i am happy to merge between this passion, doing my work as a home technology consultant and project manager, combining art, creativity and food for the soul...


                                                                                                   Gilad Lavy